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Blackbird Marketing is an expert provider of marketing services to the UK construction sector. We have a wealth of experience in delivering effective, strategic construction marketing, either as a fully managed service or project by project.

About Catherine Blackwell

Blackbird is owned and run by me, Catherine Blackwell. I have over 15 years’ experience in planning and implementing successful marketing campaigns, much of it gained whilst working at some of the North West’s most respected marketing and advertising agencies.

I have a first class degree, a postgraduate qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and I started my career in a B2B clientside role, so am familiar with both ‘sides of the fence.’ Since starting Blackbird Marketing, I have specialised in providing marketing services to the construction sector.

Catherine Blackwell

Construction marketing

I have a broad range of marketing experience across a range of construction businesses, so can provide support with most elements of marketing activity – whether you need a strategic plan, support with a one-off project, or longer term fully managed marketing.

Fundamentally, good marketing in the construction sector requires you to define your target audience, know what your key messaging strands should be, identify the best channels to use to communicate with that audience and then implement that plan through consistent and disciplined activity.
Plenty of construction businesses know what they should be doing but don’t have the time or the resource to do it. Others attack their marketing without giving a thought to overall objectives or how these support business strategy. I can help with both of these problems – defining a plan for action, and then implementing and evaluating against that plan to help your business grow.

Construction marketing services

Marketing strategy




“Cathy has done a really great job delivering FK’s marketing over the past few years and I would be more than happy to recommend her services. She has a firm grasp of the bigger picture as well as the fine detail and deals with everything, including our occasionally challenging deadlines, with assured professionalism and a smile.”

Steve Hall, Managing Director, FK Group

Request a free marketing appraisal for your construction business

If you’re interested in commissioning marketing services for your construction business, just drop me a line and I’ll happily do an appraisal of your current marketing and let you know how I may be able to help.

Here are some of the construction marketing services which I typically deliver…


Branding isn’t just about how you look. It’s making sure you have a unique and motivating proposition which can be used to create an effective platform for all your marketing communications. I can work with you to help define this strategic platform and ensure that this is consistently and coherently communicated, as well as ensuring that your visual identity is on point across all relevant media.

Presentations and proposals

How many times have you pulled a bid or proposal together to be let down by poor presentation and copywriting?
You only get one chance to make a first impression, and polished presentation documents will help to give you the best chance of success.
Similarly, Death by Powerpoint can easily be avoided if you’ve got a master introductory presentation and slide library which your front line staff can call on as and when required.

Case studies

You will be only too aware of the importance of demonstrating to clients your ability to deliver certain types of project before they’ll hand you an order, or even put you on the tender list.
Recent, well presented case studies are crucial for construction businesses. I can pull the right information together and present it in a compelling manner in the most useful formats so that you’ve always got the right examples to hand to support your business development.

Web design

A good website is crucial for conveying your products and services and providing assurance to potential customers as to your experience and expertise in your sector.
I can help you to optimise your online presence, whether that requires the creation of a new site or simply making sure that your existing site is kept up to date, with news and case studies added regularly.
Where appropriate, I can also provide search optimisation to give you the best chance of being found by people searching online for relevant terms.


Awards are a great way of raising your profile in your industry.
My background in PR has proved useful in the creation of awards submissions for several construction sector clients over the past few years. I am well versed in gathering the information required, pulling out the highlights and presenting it in a suitable format.
One of my clients recently found themselves on a tender list because a judge (who happened to be from a main contractor) had been so impressed with the presentation which I created for them in the final round of an industry award scheme.

Photography and Videography

Good photography can make a huge difference to the presentation of your business or product, giving your company a face and bringing dry case studies to life.
I work with several excellent photographers who are used to working in the construction sector and who can bring out the interesting elements of what are often less than glamorous activities and environments. With several clients, I have found that work in progress shots really bring to life what’s involved on the job and showcase their expertise in delivery.

Marketing literature

Whilst there is no substitute for the personal approach and the importance of relationships in construction, there are times when a piece of well presented marketing collateral is absolutely appropriate.
Whether you need general introductory pieces or detailed product data sheets, I can create clear and consistent literature to support your marketing efforts.

Social media

Social media for B2B businesses is not always easy to get right, but it can nevertheless be a valuable channel for the construction sector.
I advocate a focused approach – there’s no point spreading yourself thinly across all social media platforms, just do the ones where you can reach the most valuable and relevant audience and do them well.
I can create a social media strategy for your business and also assist with ongoing implementation where necessary.

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