Acorn International Fund Distribution

The brief

Acorn International are a start-up investment company, offering banks and financial intermediaries access to some of the world’s best performing and liquid investment funds. They contacted Blackbird in need of a visual identity and various pieces of marketing collateral.

What we did

We started by working with Acorn to crystallise their proposition: they knew they wanted to operate differently to a lot of other fund management companies in the marketplace, so we helped them to articulate this by developing three commitments to clarify their position in a way which will resonate with potential clients.

When it came to establishing a logo and visual identity, we kept the look clean and fresh and opted for a grey/green primary colour palette, as a reference to the growth theme implicit in the company name.

We provided a lift to what could have been quite drab and info-heavy PowerPoint presentations by using some bold and evocative photography, and also created a short animation to provide potential clients with a brief yet engaging introduction to the company.


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