Love Brewing

The brief

Love Brewing are a successful retailer of home brew equipment and supplies, with 2 high street outlets and a busy ecommerce website. They were looking for general marketing support and were also hoping to solve what seemed to be a bit of an anomaly with their organic search rankings.

What we did

Home brewing in the UK is an interesting and niche market which has seen something of a resurgence since the start of the recession, with people looking for ways to make their own cheap alcohol at home. Despite a huge improvement in the quality and taste of home brewed beer and wine, however, it remains a difficult hobby to convert people to.

We therefore recommended that rather than adopting a market growth strategy, Love Brewing should focus on growing their own share of the existing market. Marketing activity therefore focuses on SEO, social media where we can actively target existing home brewers, selected PR opportunities and email marketing where we can cross-sell to existing customers.

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