Marketing is a contest for

people’s attention.

Seth Godin

Blackbird Marketing provides a full range of marketing services, so there’s no need to juggle multiple suppliers and you can be confident that your marketing activity is genuinely integrated and seamless.

What is meant by marketing services?

I have a broad range of marketing experience across a wide cross-section of sectors, so can provide support with most elements of marketing activity – whether you need a strategic plan, support with a one-off project, or longer term fully managed marketing.

Fundamentally, good marketing requires you to define your target audience, know what your key messaging strands should be, identify the best channels to use to communicate with that audience and then implement that plan through consistent and disciplined activity. Plenty of businesses know what they should be doing but don’t have the time or the resource to do it. Others attack their marketing without giving a thought to overall objectives or how these support business strategy. I can help with both of these problems – defining a plan for action, and then implementing and evaluating against that plan to help your business grow.

If your requirements are particularly specialist, I’ll always let you know if it isn’t something I can help with – and am happy to point you in the direction of someone who can!

Marketing strategy

Typically, strategic planning will involve analysis of your market, competitors, customers and your own company and products. Taking these insights coupled with your overall objectives, I can then identify a unique and motivating proposition and key messaging strands for your business that will set you apart from your competitors and resonate effectively with your target audience.


My creative services include branding, design, copywriting, and the creation of marketing materials including brochures, literature and presentations.

Pretty much whatever you need to take your messaging to your audience.


Digital marketing can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Quite simply, I can recommend how best to optimise your digital presence and make digital marketing work hard for your business – whether that’s looking at your website, SEO, email marketing or social media activity.


The proliferation in recent years of social media networks and online content has provided a great opportunity for those who can successfully identify and start to influence those patterns and use them to get motivating messages in front of the right audiences.

I can design and implement an effective public relations strategy using both traditional and online media to help you meaningfully engage with your target market.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine for her knowledge of all aspects of marketing, especially digital and social media. One of Catherine’s greatest strengths is to take complex ideas/solutions and create easily understood material, with a clear message. Her attention to detail, creativity and professional approach make her skills a great asset to any organisation and she has helped educate me on what we should be doing better to reach our target markets.
I continue to work with Catherine to promote our company as she provides a highly valued service to me.”

Keith Beattie, EECO2 Life Science Lead

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