PR can be a really cost-effective way of gaining visibility and influencing opinion among your key audiences. We’ve included social media in this section although obviously, it’s really at the intersection of PR and digital.


The proliferation in recent years of social media networks and online content means that businesses have less control than ever before over the messages that are reaching their audience about their product or service. It also means, however, that a great opportunity exists for those who can successfully identify and start to influence those patterns and use them to get motivating messages in front of the right audiences.

We can design and implement an effective public relations strategy using both traditional and online media to help you meaningfully engage with your target market.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that online PR can have a hugely positive impact on your website’s organic search rankings due to the backlinks it creates, so it can be a really valuable tool in an integrated marketing strategy.

Social media

Perhaps unusually in the world of marketing services provision, we still believe the area of social media is one to be approached with care. We see a lot of businesses signing up for every social media network they can find without a second thought as to what their strategy will be or whether they even have a hope of keeping on top of all of them. Don’t do it! Yes, social media can be a valuable marketing channel for some businesses if used in the correct manner. But we’re definitely of the opinion that if you’re doing it badly then you might as well not be doing it at all.

Either way, we can help you to decide whether social media is right for your business and come up with an appropriate strategy to make it work for you. We can then either manage your social feeds on your behalf or provide training for you to do this internally.

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