Fine Tuning.

Fine Tuning.

So, your marketing is nearly there. You’ve got a plan and you’re implementing it successfully but perhaps you need a fresh pair of eyes on your strategy or help with a specific project, launch or re-brand.

I can also provide interim cover in some instances or help with other temporary resource gaps.

How it works

You Talk, I’ll Listen.

Any new piece of work starts with me taking an in depth look under the skin of your business. I’ll need to speak to your key people and sometimes it’s useful to be able to speak to existing customers too. I need to know where you are and where you want to get to.

From there I can create a plan on the best way to approach marketing planning and the likely time requirement.

Retained Services

If you’re looking for ongoing support or an outsourced marketing department, then retained services might be for you.


Some clients engage me on a consultancy or project basis, for specific pieces of work.

Interim Cover

I can also provide short term cover, in place of existing staff members or to fill resource gaps.

What does good marketing look like?

Effective marketing requires strategic planning and discipline in implementing the resulting plans.

Too often, businesses embark on marketing initiatives without having really thought about their objectives and putting a coherent plan in place. Similarly, the best researched plans are pointless if you don’t have tactical know-how and a consistent and methodical approach to implementation.


Put simply, a marketing strategy defines what you need to say, who you need to say it to and the best ways to reach those audiences.


Effective implementation requires planning, consistency and diligence, with an eye on both the bigger picture and the fine detail.

Latest thoughts


Plan. Implement. Refine.

Plan. Implement. Refine.

Effective marketing requires a consistently analytical approach. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of campaign effectiveness provides valuable feedback so that future performance can be improved.